Sweden Survival

Join my hike-trips, read all about hiking, travel, camping, survival and wintersports.
Who am I?
Victor Angelier, Dutch guy, 42 years old and living with my partner in Sweden. We have spend 12 years living in the Swedish wilderness. I organize survival tours, hiking- and winter camping trips. I can offer customized multi-day trips all year round. Are you looking for some time offline? then keep on reading :)

WAFA - Certified Wilderness Advanced First Aid
Our services
Go back to your roots
Stuck in daly life? Go on a 2 days trip, into the Swedish wilderness to find your self and get back on track!
Multi-day tours
I plan and organize multi-day hiking trips throughout Sweden. You can join any of them!
Travel guide
Don't want to travel alone? Or just looking for more insurance for your family? Contact me for a good offer!
Hiking guide
Need some guidance, tips and tricks? Look around on my website, send an e-mail or give me a call!
Mountain rescue
Lost in the mountains? Contact the emergency services of your country first! Then call: +46 76 835 6450
Winter camping
Looking for an extreme winter experience? Go winter camping with me!
Need some time offline?
Going back to your roots in the Swedish wilderness will help you to get back on track!
Contact me
Send me an e-mail with your questions.
+46-76-776 4432