Sweden survival - Gear list

The gear I have

I have tried/tested a lot of gear the last decade. This includes food, shoes, clothing you name it. Below a list that I have found usefull.
Your canister or pot
I have had many, some to havy, some not easy to use, some broke and so on.
A good closing cover, you can hang it over the fire but also put it in the fire.
So I searched the internet for the perfect item. You find this version in titanium of different brands. I grabbed this image from Amazon.
Most annoying thing is when you can't hang your pot over the fire, or the lid falls off in the fire while boiling water. The other thing I experienced is those pots with rubber handles........like, why?!
I have my pot now for like 6 years, totally burned black on the outside like it should and clean from this inside.
Also, you need the 900ml, don't go smaller it just doesn't make sense.
Your coffe cup
Today you have them in wood, plastic, titanium and so on. I keep the old hard plastic.
Good size, hard plastic, less heat loss and you don't burn your hand
I have had others, like the foldable and the steel one. All are just ******. They are to weak and bend or you burn your hands.
When I drink hot stuff, I want to be sure that I control my cup. Also, the size of the foldables are just not enough for me. The steel ones loses heat very fast and you can burn your hand on the outside. This old fashion hard plastic cup also does not leave a taste behind, like you have with the steel versions. Coffee or thee or mixed, you won't taste it with this one (Wildo Kåsa).
Your tent
There is a lot to say about tents in general. Weight, price, size etc.
Durston Gear X-Mid 2P Solid
Now tents is a subject apart. What tent you need is totally depending on your trip, climate, situation and personal wishes. I like a tent that has good space, so, not to small. Most of the time, a 1 person tent is to small for me. Now that being said, that means more weight.
The benefit of having a slightly larger tent comes when mother nature throws you a punch. With a little bit more space you can hang out in your tent comfortably and even put all your gear inside.
There are many different types, different fabrics and also different prices.

I have used the MSR Freelite 2 for a long time, but now moved to an ultralight Mountain Laurel Design Duomid, full DNF with inner net etc, etc. Really expensive stuff but just mind-blowing how light it is. The biggest advantage is the height, I am 1.84m so, having a little bit more height is great.

So, there are also affordable alternatives, as we discovered last year. One of the amazing tents is the Durston Gear X-Mid 2P Solid. Great size, great weight, great quality. Superb so to say!
The Mountain Laurel Design Duomid and the Locus Gear Khafra HB kit together
Locus Gear Khafra HB kit
Another tent I bought last year is the Locus Gear Khafra HB kit. It's extremely hard to get but what an amazing piece! It's not made of Dyneema but 15D Hybrid coated ripstop nylon.
I bought the entire, full package (the Kit). The space you get is just amazing. You can easily fit 2 adults with full gear and yet it weights 1,5kg full package.
Another subject of interest. Sleeping-pads are equally important as your sleeping-bag.

NeoAir® XTherm™ NXT Sleeping Pad

The most important thing about sleeping-pads is the R-value. Secondary to the R-value is what type of sleeper are you? Do you move a lot, sleep on your belly or back?
When I lie down, I wake up in the exact same position as when I went to sleep. Some........i don't mention names here, move all night long. Having a sleeping pad that makes a lot of noise is in this scenario utterly stupid. For me it doesn't matter, I don't move at all.

Now, one of the more silent pads is Exped Ultra. But the Exped mats have 'bars' so, when you sleep on your belly, this is not really comfortable. You might want to look at Sea to Summit (Ether Light XT) for example.

I have had the Exped for a long time until I accidentally burned it during winter camping.....Now I use the NeoAir® XTherm™ NXT Sleeping Pad which as you can see also has bars but horizontal.
Coghlan's Toilet paper
A subject that has not got the attention it should have. Hygiene is extremely import, especially in/close to 'certain' body parts.
Coghlan's toilet paper, 150 sheets per role and full bio-degradable.
Going to the toilet in the outdoors is tricky enough. Now, staying hygienic is the next part, especially important for females (sorry but true). Some bring moisturized (baby) toile sheets, some don't bring anything. For me, I brought regular toilet paper but.....I am about to go on a 15 day tour and need to really think about weight. So, I tested these, extremely good sheets, very strong and relatively soft, but insanely lightweight. More important, 100% biodegradable.

However, I guess after 15 days your ass might be scrubbed so, it think I will brink some nice wet toilet paper too with aloe-vera, just to use once a week or so. Find more info here

Now, I did the math. You need approximately 8 sheets per wipe :) and 4/5 wipes which brings the total to 40 sheets per "action". I assume 1 action per day is enough for me so 15 days x 40 sheets = 600 sheets. 1 roll has 150 sheets so I need 4 rolls to complete the 15 days.
Venture Wipes (body)
Now, when you are in the outdoors for a long time you need to stay clean. As described above hygiene is important but having a 'real' wash could also feel very nice.

Venture Wipes

Venture Wipes is on my list because it solves 2 of my problems. Wash and cleanup without water, and also, to be able to use as pro-active bacteria killing toilet paper and taking care of my but-area.
They have small wipes for your hands and larger wipes for 'washing' your body.
With alcohol and Aloe Vera (to stay soft as a baby), vitamin E and also fully biodegradable!

More info