2022 - Rondane National Park

4-day hike in Rondane National Park, Norway
Rondane National park is amazing. Its rough and unforgiving but beautifull at the same time. The climbs are steep and rocky which makes it all even harder to walk.
The landscape is fast and furious.
We found out soon enough that our legs where not coping with the terrain yet so we setup our camp in Rondvassbu for the first night.
We spend the rest of the day hiking up the mountain to enjoy the views. During the day we adjusted our plan to the circumstances and had a good night rest.
We tried to climb up all the way but it was to hard for the first day.
We also tried to climb Rondhalsen the second day. Not a big success. We had rain, storm and snow. At the top had zero visibility so we enjoyed lunch and waited to go down.
Next days we hiked to Bjornhollia stayed there overnight and hiked back in sunny weather! Wanna see how thay went? Watch the full video below.
Hars terrain, storms, snow, rain and full sun.
Sweden survival
Watch the full video
Find the full video below split in 3. Video's are in 4K with amazing drone footage!
2022 - Hike Rondane Norway - Day 1
2022 - Hike Rondane Norway - Day 2
2022 - Hike Rondane Norway - Day 3-4